Strawberry Paratha/Puran poli/Holige – 200th Recipe


strawberry parathas

Today is Vara Mahalakshmi festival celebrated across south india. God’s grace this coincides as my 200th recipe as well to this blog. To celebrate the festival and also the milestone presenting this unique sweet dish.

This recipe is similar to puran poli/holige which just looks like any other roti. This is stuffed with delicious sweet filling made of fresh strawberry mixed with semolina/rava and brown sugar. The stuffing can be made in many variations as per the taste and preference.

Rawa kesari is a popular south indian sweet made from semolina during the festive season. Using strawberries to the traditional rawa kesari adds a pleasant fruity flavour with the dark pinkish hue. This is used as stuffing to Parathas.

This paratha/poli by itself is a delicious sweet and often eaten as such or it can be served with a spoon full of nuts, dallop of ice cream/ cream to serve as a dessert.

Yields: 6-8parathas
Preparation time: 5minutes
Cooking time: 20-25 mins (for stuffing)
20-25mins (for roasting parathas)


For stuffing:

  • Cleaned and chopped strawberries-10-12
  • Semolina/rawa-1/2cup
  • Olive butter/ghee-1tbsp
  • Brown sugar/coconut sugar-1/3cup (or more as sweet preferred)
  • Cardamom powder-1/2tsp
  • Vanilla essence-1tsp

For the dough:

  • Whole wheat flour-1 1/2cup
  • Salt-pinch
  • Water
  • Olive butter -1tbsp +for toasting parathas.


For dough:

  • Combine wheat flour, salt, olive butter in a bowl and knead into soft dough by adding little water at a time.
  • Grease a bowl and roll the dough to coat with oil, wrap it with cling film and rest for at least for an hour.
  • Meanwhile prepare the stuffing.

For stuffing:

  • Heat 1/2tbsp of olive butter in a pan and roast semolina/rawa for a minute on a medium flame stirring continuously (continuous stirring helps even roasting of semolina).
  • Once roasted transfer to a plate and set aside.
  • Now in the same pan add remaining 1/2tbsp olive butter/ghee add chopped strawberries and saute for couple of minutes or until strawberries are soft.
  • then add 1 1/2cup water, sugar and let it boil.
  • Once it comes to boil reduce the flame and add roasted semolina/rawa keep stirring to avoid lump formation.
  • Simmer until the mixture leaves the side of the pan. (as we are using this as a stuffing it has to be simmered until thick so approx. 8-10minutes and sometime depends on the type of semolina used so keep working until thick)
  • Finally add cardamom powder, vanilla essence mix turn off the flame and allow it to cool a bit.

For parathas:

  • Divide the dough to equal portions, roll out each portion of the dough into a small 3-4” circle place a portion of filling in the centre and seal it properly from all edges like how we do for parathas.
  • Now press it from the centre and roll it into 4-5”diameter circle.
  • Heat a non-stick tava/ griddle and cook it till it turns golden brown in colour from both sides.
  • Repeat with the remaining dough and stuffing

Serve hot/warm.


  • Usually for kesari halwa the semolina/rava :water ratio is 1:3 but here as this is used as a stuffing I used less water ratio. The ratio varies depending on type of semolina used.
  • If the stuffing goes gluey just add some more butter/ghee and cook on a medium flame until it thickens.
  • I used extra coarse semolina/rawa.
  • Fresh strawberries add taste to the dish even it can be made using just essences.

I am bringing this recipe to Angies Fiesta Friday #28


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  1. Congrats!!! Keep rocking….interesting paratha with straberry….


  2. 200th post.. I am still in my 40’s 😛 Congrats and you deserve a treat.


  3. Congrats Chitra on this massive feat! I am literally drooling here looking at these gorgeous yummyyyy parathas!! Sigh!


  4. Congratulations on your 200th recipe!


  5. Congrats! I have never had this, but it looks absolutely delicious!! Happy FF!


  6. Congrats Chitra!!!! Whoa 200, that’s awesome and look what a fabulous 200th post!!! Puran poli with strawberry, you are really exciting !!! I wish I was in UK to grab this 😉


  7. 200 recipes that’s awesome:-)way to go my dear friend.. Strawberry policy is ripper recipe for the SPL occassion


  8. Very interesting creation !!! Kudos Chitra 🙂


  9. Congratulations on your 200th recipe! You are amazing with your wealth of ideas and talent! I enjoy your amazing blog so much!


  10. I would eat this at an Indian restaurant with JOY !!! But I never make sweet things, because I’m the only one here and would eat the lot. I have no willpower, it’s that simple. [grin]


  11. Congratulations Chitra on your 200 delicious recipes 🙂 Your Strawberries Paratah look so yummy!


  12. Congrats on your 200th post…good job…


  13. Congratulations Chitra on the 200th blog post and the festival and what a wonderful recipe to mark the occasion, It really sounds delicious,


  14. I’ve never seen strawberry stuffed parathas, they are so pretty with the pink colour! Congratulations on your 200th post, and thank you for sharing this milestone with Fiesta Friday!!


    • Thanx Saucy for your lovely wishes….it means a lot to me and feels good. …….Fiesta friday is a wonderful party where am blessed with an oppurtunity to meet lovely people like you….happy FF and have a lovely day….


  15. What a wonderful variation of the paratha Chitra! I love the sound of strawberries being stuffed inside and then roasted – how fabulous! Congratulations also on your 200th post – such an amazing milestone! Happy Fiesta Friday and thanks so much for bringing your Strawberry Parathas to share with us all! 🙂


  16. Congrats on your 200th post and celebrating it with a yummy dessert 🙂


  17. Wow, this is such a unique dish and perfect for such a celebration!! Congrats on your 200th!! 😀


  18. Happy 200th, Chitra! You inspire me to new and wonderful combinations with your healthy ideas and your friendship.


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