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Basil tomato onion bread

Khara Bread6


We’re really all here to ogle over this bread and all its delicious qualities, of which there are many. Fresh basil, onion and sundried tomato together give a great flavour to the bread.  Soft bread with great texture tastes very close to pizza.

This bread can be enjoyed as a light dinner/meal as is… Oh, and don’t forget the snack time ritual, which is basically just ripping off pieces of the bread and eating them plain.

  • Yields-1 loaf (14-16 slices)
  • Preparation time-15 minutes
  • Resting time-1 ½-2 hours
  • Baking time-30-40 minutes

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Steamed tomato basil soup: (zero butter/oil)

Tomato Basil Soup1


One of my favorite comfort dishes is tomato soup paired with a grilled cheese sandwich stuffed with cucumber and a tomato slices. This is a tomato based thick variety soup served hot. This tomato soup is low in calories with full of flavors and taste which satisfy your taste buds

Health Benefits:

Tomato soup comes packed with beneficial lycopene — a red-hued nutrient that gives the soup its color. Lycopene offers powerful antioxidant protection, which means that it seeks out and neutralizes reactive oxygen species, a type of molecule linked to the aging process.

Yields-3-4 servings
Preparation time-15 minutes
Cooking time-15 minutes

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