Babycorn skewers on Tawa/Stove Top

Babycorn skewers2


I absolutely love corn on the cob and so tried this variation using baby corn. The best part about this is that it is unbelievably easy to make. It’s practically foolproof. And if you’re not keen on some of the toppings, this is completely customizable to your personal preferences.

This spicy corn  with zesty lime butter can be made spicy for parents and zesty for kids. Whatever way you make it, this is a versatile recipe that plays beautifully on the classic flavor of lime juice and chat masala.

Preparation time-15 minutes
Waiting time-15 minutes
Cooking time- 10 minutes


  • Baby corn-12-14
  • Oil- for toasting
  • For marinade:
  • Corn starch-2tbsp
  • Water-3-4tbsp (adjust as per the consistency)
  • Lemon/lime juice-1tsp
  • Salt- to taste
  • Turmeric-1/2tsp
  • Fresh mint- a handful
  • Cilantro/coariander- 2-3sprigs
  • Green chillies-2
  • Garlic-1clove

For serving:

  • Lime juice
  • Chat masala
  • Tooth pick


  • Bring water in a vessel and blanch the baby corns for 4-5 minutes. Pat dry in a kitchen towel and set aside.

For marinade:

  • Place mint, coriander, green chillies, garlic in a food processor/blender and whiz until crushed/finely chopped.
  • Dissolve corn flour in water to form a thick paste, add crushed mint, coriander mixture, turmeric, lime juice, salt stir well until combined.
  • Add blanched and pat dried baby corn to the marinade mixture and toss to evenly coat them and set aside for 10-15 minutes.

Babycorn skewers4

  • Heat a non-stick pan and line the marinated corns side by side and toast until golden on all sides. (make sure not to over crowd the baby corn on the skillet)

Babycorn skewers5

  • Once toasted- drizzle some lime juice, chat masala.



Babycorn skewers1

Serve as is or insert tooth pick and serve


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  2. Wow this sounds so flavorful and versatile! Yumm Chitra!

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  3. Soooo good Chitra! I love corn as well as baby corn – will try your recipe soon 🙂

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  4. Wow.. So easy and simple, yet yummilicious!! Will surely try this Chitra.. Thanks for yet another wonderful recipe


  5. I m going to try this in the evening. Thanks for this lip smacking recipe.


  6. I might need a toothpick afterwards 🙂

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  7. I love corn on the cob too Chitra – nothing better than fresh Michigan corn in August! How interesting, but good I’m sure 🙂

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  8. We call it ‘Challi’ and i love it too 🙂

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  9. Love this recipe perfect for BBQ.. great starter

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  10. I can finish off this one in no time. So good and YUM!

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  11. Lovely post.

    Been a while since I have been on your blog, Chitra. Will look at what I have missed.

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  12. Awesome one, Chitra!so flavorful:)

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  13. Love this idea Chitra,I m really going to try this for my son…

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