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Amla and Moong Dal – Tikkis/cutlets/burger patties

Amla Cutlets3


This veggie burger is a great easy lunch to make. I’ll sometimes make a big batch and refrigerate or freeze some of the patties to have for easily accessible, healthy lunches during the week.

Aside from being absolutely delicious, they’re also incredibly healthy. yellow lentils are naturally full of fiber and iron and adding Amla/Indian gooseberry makes it rich in vitamin C so this is a  diabetic friendly a both of which I often don’t get enough of in my day-to-day diet, along with a healthy dose of lean protein.

Yields – 10 to 12
Preparation time-15-20 minutes (includes cooking time of moong dal)
Cooking time-8-10 minutes (per batch)
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Amla/gooseberry garlic instant pickles

Amla Pickles4


Gooseberry/Amla pickles are instant and easy pickles. It is ultra easy preparation, fresh texture and fabulous flavor with a spicy kick have found a permanent place on my summer recipe roster. These quick and easy refrigerator pickles are an awesome way to enjoy with rice dishes and breads/parathas.

Health Benefits:

Though gooseberries look similar to grapes, they are actually berries filled with tiny seeds. Adding gooseberries to your diet can be a challenge because they are not readily available in many supermarkets, but finding ways to incorporate them into your diet can have many health benefits.

They are low in calories, fat- and cholesterol-free and a good source of essential nutrients including vitamin C, vitamin A, manganese and dietary fiber.

Yields-1 cup
Preparation time-10 minutes
Cooking time-10 minutes

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