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Steamed mixed lentil dumplings/ Nuchhina hunde – Zero Oil



Nuchinunde – These are steamed lentil dumplings traditionally served as a snack or as a breakfast. It is very popular in the state of Karnataka, India.

Traditionall toor dal and channa dal/split chickpeas is used to make these dumplings but here I have used multi lentils to make it healthy and relishing.

Fresh dill make the dumplings more flavorful , these hearty bites are steamed without using any oil  and can be served for a snack and  are vegan friendly, for gluten free version just skip oats and just make them with lentils.

These can be served alongwith a Yogurt based dip/chutney.

Yields-15-18 dumplings
Preparation time-10 minutes
Soaking time- 3-4 hours/overnight
Cooking time-12-15 minutes (per batch)

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