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Roasted aubergine gravy: (Grilled OR Baked)

Roasted Aubergine

Boiling, steaming, sautéing, deep fat frying, grilling, broiling, microwaving….and one method that is increasing in popularity these days and is also one of the healthiest ways you can enjoy vegetables….namely roasting.

Health Benefits:

Roasting vegetables helps to retain both the flavour and important nutrients in the vegetable itself. Unlike boiling or even steaming to a lesser degree, the flavour and some of the important vitamins and minerals (especially the water soluble ones like C and the B complex) are not leached out into the cooking water and then poured down the drain afterwards.
Deep fat frying has its own obvious downside such as additional carbs and then with that are digestion issues. Of the remaining cooking methods, sautéing is a pretty decent alternative and finally grilling and broiling enjoy the same healthy benefits as does roasting.
Most importantly, roasted vegetables taste terrific. This cooking technique draws out their natural sweetness. So have chosen this to roast aubergine and cooked in the thick rich onion gravy

Serves: 2
Cooking time: 30-35mins
Preparation time: 30mins

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