Paratha – Stuffed with Broad beans and Paneer

Paratha stuffed with Broadbeans and PannerAbout:
Stuffed paratha is an indian flat bread made with wheat flour with any stuffing of your choice and pan toasted.
Combination of broad beans and cottage cheese/ paneer foms a protein-packed dish
I have chosen broad beans and paneer and its similar to peas and paneer paratha.

Health benefits of broad beans:
Foods often have more than one name, but few have as many monikers as the broad bean. You may know them as fava, butter, Windsor, horse or even English beans. Whatever name you use, these beans are meaty and flavorful enough to hold their own as a side dish or mixed into an entree. Adding just a handful of these beans to a salad provides a boost of protein, fiber, potassium and energy-providing B vitamins.

Makes: 4-5
Cooking time: 12-15mins (approx. 3-4mins per paratha)
Preparation time: 20mins


For dough:
• Wheat flour-1cup
• Carom seeds-1tsp
• Salt- to taste
• Oil-1tsp + for roasting parathas
• Warm water/low fat milk-1/2cup (or as required to form dough)
• Dry flour-for rolling parathas

For stuffing:
• Frozen broad beans- ½ cup
• Grated paneer/cottage cheese-1cup
• Green chilli-2num
• Garlic-2pods
• Amchoor powder (Mango Powder) – ½ tsp
• Cumin powder-1tsp
• Garam masala- ½ tsp
• Coriander- Handful fresh leaves
• Salt- as per taste
• Oil-1tsp


• Sift the flour in a large mixing bowl add salt, carom seeds, oil and mix to form the crumbs make a well in centre and start adding warm water/milk to make a soft dough.
• Knead the dough very well cover with wet muslin cloth and leave it on the counter for 15-20mins.
• Meanwhile prepare stuffing –cook broad beans in the boiling water for 8-10min/microwave for 10min. drain the water and let it cool a bit.
• Drain water completely from cooked beans and blend it to paste along with garlic, chilli, coriander without adding any liquid.
• Ina non-stick pan add 1tsp oil add the blended beans paste, add in salt, garam masala, cumin powder, Amchoor powder mix well and saute for 2-3mins.turn off the flame and then add grated paneer/cottage cheese mix well amd make 4-5 small balls and keep aside.

For Parathas:

• Divide the dough into 4- 5 equal parts
• Roll one portion of dough into a small 3” circle diameter.
• Place one portion of beans- paneer stuffing in the centre of the circle.
• Bring all the sides together and seal tightly.
• Roll out again into 6” circle diameter, using some dry flour while rolling.
• Heat a tawa/ griddle cook the rolled Parathas by pressing with spatula/ kitchen towel. drizzle little oil both sides
• Keep flipping over both sides and make sure both sides of the Paratha are cooked well and golden brown.
• Repeat with the remaining dough and stuffing

Serve hot

• You can use green peas instead of broad beans.
• While grinding if the beans are not crushed completely use the potato masher and mash it.
• You can even use white flour for dough or half white and half wheat flour.
• You can use yogurt for the dough instead of milk.


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