Pumpkin spiced chai latte

Pumpkin chai final


Pumpkin spice chai latte made with natural ingredients: pumpkin puree, almond milk, maple syrup and spices.

Chai adds sweet and spicy flavors to a creamy pumpkin “latte”, making this drink a decadent treat perfect for fall.  The pumpkin and chai spices shine through delightfully – kind of like a pumpkin pie in liquid form.

Preparation time-5 minutes
Cooking time-15 minutes


For spice mix:

  • Pumpkin puree-1/4cup (i used more as i love pumpkin taste)
  • Maple syrup/ any sweetner-1-2tbsp
  • Ground cinnmon-1tbsp
  • Minced ginger-1/2tsp (alternatively ground ginger can also be used)
  • Ground nutmeg-1/4tsp
  • Dash of cloves
  • Vanilla extract-1/2tsp

For chai:

  • Milk-1cup (whole, semi-skimmed, almond or any)
  • Tea bag- 1
  • Water-1/2cup


  • In a small saucepan bring 1/2cup water to gentle boil.
  • As it boils remove from heat and add the tea bag and let it seep for 4-5minutes.
  • Before removing the tea bag, squeeze any water remaining out by pressing the tea bag and discard the bag.
  • Add milk, pumpkin puree, and maple syrup, vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves to the pan and pour the mixture into a stand blender and blend for a minute/two, until blended together and the drink is nice and creamy.
  • Pour the mixture back into the pan and gently rewarm on the stove, then pour into the mug.
  • Can serve with whipped cream/coconut cream if desired.


  • I haven’t used any whipped cream for serving so i used extra pumpkin puree for frothy and creamy texture.
  • Sweetener can be altered as per the taste.
  • Spices can be personalised as per the taste.

I am bringing this to Annie’s VVLP#21; Kimmy’s HVF #23


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My passion for Cooking & love to explore healthy recipes. This blog is a result from it and am here to share 'Recipes for Healthy living'...Its all about 'FOOD and HEALTH'

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    Without the synthetic aftertaste ❤

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  2. Mind blowing:-) from WHR r u getting ideas like this

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  3. Yes please! If like a cup of this right now.

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  4. I love every bit of this! I am definitely going to make this. Thank you Chitra!

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  6. This sounds fantastic! Perfect for this season 🙂

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  7. I’m going to have to try this. Looks yummy!

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  8. Something Special!

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  9. Thank you so much for posting this! It’s love in a cup 🙂

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  10. You know what, I’m going to make this when I get home. I love the froth. Why pay Starbucks $5 for this when it’s not even real pumpkin? :] // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲


  11. Omg…Chitra..I want to ask you one thing…from where you get these super idea ???
    I can’t even think the way you are doing…Hatsoff dear👌👍

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