Dates Gulkand Coconut Burfi/Fudge (5 Ingredients)

Coconut sweet3


How can a recipe containing all great things like Rose flavour with sweet coconut and gooey-gooey dates be anything but delicious? This recipe is quick and will satisfy your sweet tooth (which I have a whole mouth full).

Enjoy this festival with this decadent sweet.

Preparation time-10 minutes
Soaking time for dates – 1 hour
Cooking time-20-25 minutes


  • Grated fresh coconut-1cup tightly packed
  • Pitted and chopped dates-1/2cup
  • Gulkand/Rose preserve/rose jam- 2 – 3 tbsp
  • Sunflower butter/spread-1tbsp +for greasing (can substitute with clarified butter/ghee)
  • Roasted and slivered almonds- a handful


Preparation step:

  • Soak chopped dates in 1cup of warm water for an hour.
  • After soaking time drain the water and grind it to a smooth paste in a blender and set aside.

For the fudge/burfi:

  • Heat sunflower butter in a non-stick pan , add grated coconut in it and saute for few seconds.
  • Add ground dates paste and cook on a medium heat until the mixture becomes dry and starts leaving the sides of the pan (approx. 10-12minutes).

Coconut sweet4

  • Add rose preserve/gulkand , mix well until combined and turn off the flame.
  • Grease a tray/plate , spread the prepared coconut dates mixture over it and press all over evenly.
  • Allow it to cool down completely and slice them to desired shape.

Coconut sweet1



  • My family prefers low sweet so I haven’t added any extra sweetener here, feel free to include sugar/any sweetener of choice for added sweetness.
  • Fresh coconut can be replaced with desiccated coconut
  • Gulkand adds a rose flavour to the sweet, if its not handy- skip it or just add few drops of rose syrup  or  ground cardamom for the flavour.

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  1. Your right must be fantastic!

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  2. Forgive me for repeating myself, Chitra. But I always learn something new and delightful at your blog! 😀 I’m fascinated by these, especially the rose flavor. Mega hugs my friend.


  3. Such a healthy and delicious fudge!

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  4. Great recipe! I like the coconut touch!

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  5. Lovely Chitra – I’m curious as to how these would taste…..

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  6. Nice and easy recipe☺☺

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  7. Yum!

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  8. Hey Chitra!! I made your tasty bras & loved every tasty bite!
    They were even superb! 🙂 xxx

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  10. These look amazingly delish, Chitra, 🙂


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  12. great recipe. Happy diwali

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  13. I love using dates as a healthy and natural dessert ingredient, so rich and satisfying, I will definitely try this 🙂

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