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Badam Vermicelli Payasa/Kheer/Pudding



This Payasa/Kheer/Pudding recipe is made with brown noodles, cardamom, ground almond/almond meal giving it the most delicious, aromatic flavor!. It can be easily converted to Vegan by replacing Milk with Almond Milk.

With almond adding creaminess and toasted nuts gracing the top, this pudding is an almond-lovers dream. Prefer this pudding served warm, as I find the pudding to be firmer than normal when chilled. If you do chill it and heat it up, add a splash of milk to the pudding and cover the bowl with plastic wrap before heating. This will add moisture back in and make the pudding as creamy as it was when it was first made.

Serves – 2-3
Preparation time -10 minutes
Cooking time -15 minutes

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