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Tomato and grated bottle gourd – Soup

Dudi tomato soup1


A dash of extra virgin olive oil and fresh ground spices makes this simple tomato and bottle gourd soup recipe oh-so special.

An excellent source of vitamins and minerals, tomatoes score points for healthy eating in this quick, very easy recipe for fresh tomato soup.

Health benefits:

Bottle gourd, sometimes called the white-flowered or calabash gourd, is an ancient gourd, with a delicate nutty flavor. Bottle gourd is believed to help the liver function in a balanced fashion. It reduces fatigue and keeps you fresh, especially during summer. It helps fight constipation, because of its fiber and low fat content, Ayurveda highly recommends this food for diabetic patients and young children.

Preparation time-15 minutes
Cooking time-35-40 minutes
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Orange and Sooji – Dhokla

Orange Dhokla1


Instant orange Dhokla Recipe, a famous and healthy snack from Gujarat and this recipe is made using chickpea/semolina batter which can be eaten for breakfast, as a main course, as a side dish or as a snack.

Here just as a variation I used orange juice and  the flavour was not at all dominating instead it made the dhokla fluffy and soft.

Preparation time-10 minutes
Resting time-30 minutes
Cooking time-15-20 minutes
Yields:3-4 servings

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