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Roasted eggplant/aubergine slices

Sliced Aubergine 3


This is such an easy one to try, not much preparation, really tasty.  The aubergine slices can also be cooked in oven/grill.

Roasted eggplant is a great starter,side dish it’s both delicious and beautiful. And there is no need to tell you what an excellent and healthy appetizer, these roasted Eggplant are! You can even serve them as side dish. You have to try them next time you are having a barbecue or friends over

Preparation time-15 minutes
Cooking time-15 minutes (per batch)

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Stove top Cookies/Clusters – Quick snack



It is pretty easy to make biscuits on the stove-top. SUPER easy! And kids absolutely loved them. So much so that at lunch time when I made them, they ate up the entire batch.

They are very soft while making on Tawa/stove top so flip them carefully. Even if they break don’t worry they can still be enjoyed as clusters for a light snack or even for breakfast with milk.

Preparation time-10 minutes
Cooking time-10 minutes/ batch

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