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Home made – Herbed Paneer/Cottage Cheese

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About: Making homemade paneer is so easy that you can make it within minutes and once you start making your own homemade paneer, you just do not feel like buying from stores. Cottage cheese has mild taste, soft, and snowy white in color. It looks creamy and chunky, especially when curds are large. It is made from curdled fresh milk; then strained and seasoned with desired herbs. Paneer is used in a variety of Indian recipes ranging from appetizers, to main entrees as well as desserts.  It is also added in Lasagne, Stuffed manicotti, Jello salads, shake drink and granola.

Health benefits: Cottage cheese is healthy to eat as part of a balanced diet, and provides a source of several essential nutrients. Because cottage cheese is packed with muscle-building protein and unbelievably low-fat, bodybuilders and weightlifters favourite cottage cheese as important ingredient to snacks, meals and desserts. As a milk product, cottage cheese has high-calcium content. It is so healthy that more pregnant women preferred it over other calcium-rich foods.

Yields- 200-250gms
Cooking time-5 minutes
Waiting time – 4 to 6 hours
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