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Millet/Raagi malt powder

Ragi Malt1


With ragi malt, you can make a glass full of healthy drink. It can keep you energized. Drink ragi malt at any time of the day. Ragi malt is said to work as a body coolant.

Ragi malt powder can be made ahead and stored in a air tight container for later use.

Health benefits of Millet/ragi:

Benefits of malt:

Malting characteristics of finger millet are superior to other millets. On malting the vitamin-C is elaborated, phosphorus availability is increased, digestion is easier and amino acids are synthesized. In south India, the malted ragi flour is extensively used in preparation of weaning foods, instant mixes and beverages.

Yields-1cup (6-8servings)
Preparation time-5 minutes
Roasting time-10 minutes

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