Muesli with whole wheat bread Pancakes – Vegan



These banana pecan pancakes are not only delicious, but dairy free, egg-free, Sugar free and vegan.  This pancakes consists of muesli, whole wheat bread, flaxmeal (ground Linseed) with peanut butter and banana. As I used peanut butter haven’t used any sweetner in my batter.

My little one doesn’t like spices so tried to avoid spices in here, however cinnamon/vanilla/any spices of your choice can be included.

Health benefits:

Muesli is regarded as a healthy breakfast as it is a good source of dietary fiber, or roughage. Found in several muesli components, but especially in wheat and oats, fiber helps to curb high cholesterol and prevent digestive problems

Enjoy this healthy breakfast pancakes with your favourite toppings.

Yields-8-10 pancakes
Preparation time-10 minutes
Cooking time-15-20 minutes

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Raw Cucumber seeds yogurt soup

Raw cucumber Soup


This recipe is from my friend Nilima Rao, who is upcoming singer. Thank you dear for such a lovely and refreshing recipe just modified it to make a soup recipe using regular cucumber.

This is perfect for summer with a cool, refreshing and soothing soup with combination of yogurt, mint and ginger.

Health benefits:

Cucumber seeds are slightly diuretic, which helps promote urine flow and stimulates the kidneys to flush wastes and fatty deposits from the body. Diuretics can act to dehydrate the body, but cucumbers’ high moisture content makes this of no concern.

Cucumber seeds are also used holistically to treat tapeworm infestations and are reputed to have a regenerative effect on the skin.

So enjoy this soothing soup with bread

Yields: 2-3 servings
Preparation time: 15 minutes

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Stuffed bun with Chickpeas and Paneer

Stuffed buns


Stuffed bun is a spicy filling surrounded by a soft and golden crust. Here the crust is made using whole wheat flour, skimmed milk and milk powder. The filling is cooked and mashed chickpeas, grated paneer also known as Indian cottage cheese.

It can be enjoyed with a cup of hot coffee/tea

Yields: 6-8buns
Preparation time: 15minutes
Baking time: 15-20minutes
Cooking time: 10minutes
Waiting time: 1 ½-2hours (fermenting dough)

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Papaya Peach and Lime Sorbet



This refreshing sorbet makes an elegant end to a summer meal. Scoops of papaya-peach sorbet and a zingy dose of freshly squeezed lime juice is packed with antioxidants.

Sorbet is the quintessential summer dessert: low in fat, icy, and refreshing, with a fresh fruit base instead of the heavier dairy of ice cream. And for this fabulous tropical-inspired recipe, you don’t even need an ice-cream maker!

Sorbet is a frozen confection similar to ice cream, but made without any dairy products. Instead, the dessert is made with sweet syrup made of sugar and water and flavoured with fruit juice or puree. The same method used to make ice cream is used to make sorbet. The syrup and fruit churns in a refrigerated machine that mixes air into the ingredients and forms fine ice crystals to make the sorbet smooth.

Yields: 4-6servings
Preparation time: 15minutes
Waiting time: 6 – 8 hrs

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Black channa with dill broken wheat rice

Black channa Rice


This recipe is my mom’s favorite and posting her recipe for the first time. Thank you mom for continued support, good wishes and blessings.

Black chana dill broken wheat is a perfect one pot meal. This recipe I used sprouted black chickpeas, using dill leaves is a typical Indian style and adding Dalia/broken wheat makes the dish diabetic friendly too.

Health benefits:

Chickpea/garbanzo bean are healthy addition to any diet as they are naturally low in fat, high in fiber and rich in vitamins and minerals.

Dill has been used as a herb in most of the salad dressings/pickles. They help in good digestion, relief from insomnia, hiccups, diarrhea, dysentery, respiratory disorders, cancer etc. it is also good for oral care.

So enjoy this nutritious, fiber rich one pot meal for packed lunch/breakfast.

Serves: 2-3
Preparation time: 15mins
Cooking time: 25-30mins
Soaking time: over night

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