Carrot mug cake – Microwave (Eggless)

Mug cake final1


If your cake is a healthy, guilt-free on top made in microwave mug. Healthy mug cake recipes that you can whip up in minutes – AND still stay on track with your diet and lifestyle.

I love carrot cake so tried to use the same combo in my mug cake with my favourite pistachio. A few tablespoons of ingredients whisked up in a mug and baked in the microwave for less time than it takes to make popcorn. makes the perfect amount for one person. No overindulging and no wasting!!!

Yields-1mug (300ml)
Preparation time-15 minutes
Cooking time-3 minutes

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Quinoa red kidney beans Patties

Burger final3


I combined my beans with powdered oats and quinoa for the basic patty mixture. Added in sautéed bell peppers, carrots and onions for a veggie boost, and then served with salads and buns as a burger.

Health Benefits:

Red beans are packed with protein and fiber along with several essential vitamins and minerals. They’re also loaded with antioxidants, which help prevent chronic diseases.

Quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) is a grain-like crop with many unique qualities and health benefits such as a very high protein content (about twice that of regular cereal grains), which makes it a great source of protein for vegetarians. It is also a good source of dietary fiber and several vitamins and minerals.  And it’s gluten-free which makes it a nice option for people who are gluten-intolerant.

Yields – 6 to 8
Preparation time- 20 minutes (including the cooking time of quinoa)
Cooking time- 8-10 minutes per patty/per batch

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Dill Chapathi/Roti

Dill Roti final1


The bread is soft and perfect for wrapping around skewers of grilled veggies. And it’s delicious and herby.

Health Benefits:

Dill boosts digestive health, as well as provide relief from insomnia, hiccups, diarrhea, dysentery, menstrual disorders, respiratory disorders, and cancer. It is also an anti-inflammatory substance, which means that it can protect you against arthritis. Furthermore, it can reduce excess gas, and is considered a carminative.

Quantity: 6 – 8
Preparation time:15 minutes
Cooking time: 15 – 20 minutes
Resting time :15 minutes

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Granola No bake bars (Grab n Go Snack)

Granola final1


Granola bars are one of my favorite grab-n-go snack foods. They’re easy to pack, store well and can give you a much needed energy boost when you’re out. Plus, they tend to be a little bit healthier than something like a jumbo chocolate chip cookie, which is also a favorite treat.

Homemade granola bars are quite easy to make and definitely fit the bill for a tasty snack. I recommend making a batch of these bars on the weekend and storing them in the fridge to enjoy as a balanced, nutritious snack all week long. These healthy no-bake granola bars are the perfect breakfast or afternoon snack and will keep you satisfied until your next meal. Yields: Preparation time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 10 minutes Read the rest of this entry

Tomato Gobi kurma

Tomato Kurma4


This delicious cauliflower tomato kurma is sumptuous, fragrant warm dish. This is mild seasoned with cauliflower, which is roasted until golden and crispy, and toothsome. This dish is not only low in fat, its also packed with nutritional goodness and satisfying flavours.

Health benefits:

Cauliflower non starchy vegetable is a calciferous like cabbage and broccoli. High intake of cruciferous vegetables is associated with a lower risk of some cancers. They contain vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, or plant nutrients, that may help neutralize damaging toxins.

Yields-3-4 servings
Preparation time-15 minutes
Cooking time-25 minutes

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