Brown bread pizza with spinach sauce


Brown Bread Pizza

Brown Bread Pizza


This brown bread pizza snack is packed with fibre from wholemeal flour and the goodness of vegetables and low-fat cheese. Skip Pizza restaurants & but have all the taste at home minus the guilt.
As a variation I have tried to make this pizza using spinach puree/sauce.

Serves:  2
Baking time: 5-7mins
Preparation time: 15mins

• Brown bread slices-6
• Finely chopped onion-1num
• Finely chopped green bell pepper-1num
• Black/green olives-6
• Low fat cheese-for topping
• Italian herbs-1tsp
• Chilli flakes-to sprinkle(optional)

For spinach sauce:
• Blanched spinach-200g
• garlic- 4-5pods
• ginger-1/2inch
• tomato-1num
• salt- as per taste

• Put spinach, garlic, ginger, tomato & salt into the blender and blend it to the smooth puree
• Spread spinach sauce on one side of the bread.
• Sprinkle chopped green peppers and onion.
• Then sprinkle cheese and Italian seasoning, chilli flakes & olives on top.
• Pre-heat the oven at 200deg and bake it for 5-7minutes /until the cheese melts and bread becomes crispy.

Serve hot with sauce.

You can use Pizza sauce of your taste


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My passion for Cooking & love to explore healthy recipes. This blog is a result from it and am here to share 'Recipes for Healthy living'...Its all about 'FOOD and HEALTH'

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    Quick to make recipe…Great taste of Pizza using bread for an added healthy have used Spinach sauce


  2. I like brown bread:-)healthy start for the day


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  4. No wonder you’re a doc. Brains 🙂


  5. Wow! Looks really good, healthy and tasty too!

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  6. I made that today. It was superb 🙂


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