Rajma Red Rice

Rajma Red Rice2

Rose matta rice is a delicious variety of red rice from the scenic South Indian state of Kerala. It is very healthy and a rich source of dietary fiber. Rose matta rice is a robust rice with a very subtle earthy/nutty flavor. Rosematta rice differs from other rice varieties in that it has a slightly pinkish hue & it is also a parboiled rice.

Serves: 2
Cooking time: 30-35mins
Preparation time: 20mins

• Red matta rice/rose matta rice-1cup
• Rajma/ Kidney Beans -150 gms
• Chopped onion-1num
• Bay leaf-1num
• Slit chillies-2num(optional)
• Oil-1tbsp
• Salt-to taste

To grind:
• Peanuts-2tbsp
• Dry red chilli-3-4num
• Cinnamon stick-1”
• Clove-2
• Aniseed flower-1/2
• Pepper corns-6-7
• Desiccated coconut-2tbsp
• Chopped coriander-2tbsp

• Soak Rajma for 4-6hours and pressure cook for 3-4whistles
• Soak Red rice in warm water for at least an hour before cooking.
• Dry roast Peanuts, Red chilli, Cinnamon, Clove, Aniseed flower, Pepper corns, desiccated coconut, Chopped coriander and blend it to a paste and keep it aside.
• Heat oil in a pan add slit chillies, bay leaf, onion and fry till onion is translucent.
• Add in blended paste and saute for 3-4minutes.
• Drain water from soaked rice add it to the pan and mix well and add 3cups of water, salt and cook on high flame for first 10minutes.
• Then after 10minutes add cooked Rajma let it cook on a medium flame until the rice is cooked.
• Once rice is completely cooked turn off the flame

Serve hot with any salads/ raita

• You can use white rice or brown rice with the same recipe.
• I used fresh Kidney beans, you can use canned beans also.
• Red rice takes more time to cook than the regular white rice
• Rice & Water ratio is 1:3( 1 cup of rice-3 cups of water)

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My passion is Cooking & love exploring healthy recipes. This blog is all about sharing 'Recipes for Healthy living', which are my experiments at home.

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