Kesar badam honey kulfi (Ice cream)

Almond Honey Kulfi


It is a frozen Indian desert. It is often described as “traditional indian subcontinet ice cream”. Made from full cream milk thickened with Koya and badam (Almond).
As a healthy option have replaced full cream with low fat Milk and Milk powder. Honey is used in place of Sugar.

Yields: 4-6 kulfis
Preparation time: 10mins
Cooking time: 35-40mins


  • Milk-2 Pint/ 1 ltr (semi-skimmed)
  • Honey-1/2cup or (as per the taste)
  • Almond(Badam)- 1/4cup (coarsely ground)
  • Cardamom powder-1/4tsp
  • Low fat Milk powder-1/2cup
  • Corn flour-2tsp
  • Kesar/ saffron strands-1/2tsp


  • In small bowl soak saffron in a little warn milk and keep aside.
  • In other bowl dissolve milk powder, corn flour in milk (1cup) without any lumps
  • Put milk in a broad non-stick pan and bring it to boil
  • Add ground almond and give it a mix
  • Add milk powder-corn flour mixture, honey, cardamom powder, soaked saffron strands and simmer over a medium flame for 8-10min/until the milk thickens a bit.
  • As it thickens turn off the flame and allow it to cool down completely.
  • As it cools down pour the mixture to the kulfi moulds. Refrigerate for 3-4hours.
  • To demould: just hold the mould under running water for a minute and demould.


  • Quantity of sweetness can be increased or decreased as per the taste.
  • Almonds were not blanched to retain all of its nutrients. They can be blanched as per choice
  • If you want the kulfi to be more creamy in texture you add cream or half and half milk
  • You can even use condensed milk or sweetened koya instead of milk powder-corn flour mixture
  • You can even replace sugar for honey
  • You can replace low fat milk with full fat milk

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  1. Looks amazing! xx


  2. Aww, so lovely , kulfi is very inviting 🙂


  3. I’ve had Kulfi and love it. Glad to see the recipe. I want to make it, it’s delicious and I love your healthier option.


  4. Wow!!!! I totally want to try this Chitra! And this looks gorgeous!


  5. awesome. Love the use of honey!


  6. Lovely dessert to follow a good, hot curry. Thanks.


  7. It looks amazing, dear Chitra! waw even! x



    I am making THIS tonight yes yes yes

    kulfi yummmyyyyy

    and Mam I am booking the first available flight .. come over to have thoseeeeeeee he he he he


  9. One for the recipe books as it looks much easier than our lactose free ice cream. Thanks,



  10. oh my gosh. i am so happy i found your blog. i love love love your style/flavors in your cooking. thank you so much!


  11. I love kulfi, love to see the recipe – I had no idea…
    Thank you for sharing!


  12. Just this week I read about a fellow who makes kulfi ice cream in New York and I almost died. I have to have to have to make this recipe because I love kulfi. I love this shot of the melting kulfi!!! Very exotic, sophisticated and I’m sure it’s beyond delicious too, right?


  13. Can’t say no to Kulfi:) perfect summer recipe


  14. OooH!! Look at that!! Sin and crunch and temptation all in that slab and those rolls!


  15. I love kulfi! Never thought to make it, thanks for the recipe!


  16. Reblogged this on One Small Change at a Time and commented:
    Here is something for me to try, instead of more ‘traditional’ american desserts.


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