Nuts and honey granola bars

Nuts and Honey bar


These easy-peasy granola bars make the perfect for breakfast or snack time munchies. Just adding bit of butter and honey packed with crunchy nuts and crispy flakes.

When it comes to nutrition and weight loss, many people will tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is true that what you eat for breakfast will at the very least set a habitual or psychological tone for your day. Eating a healthy, low calorie breakfast can help you stay the course through the next two meals.

These bars contain moderate amounts of both, helping you fuel up for the morning without overloading on either nutrient. Both sugar and fat also add to the flavour of the bars, helping you get a quick fix of sweet taste to stave off cravings for the rest of the day.

Yields: 10-12bars
Preparation time: 10minutes
Cooking time: 15minutes


  • Honey-1/2cup
  • Dates molasses- 1/4cup
  • Toasted almonds-1/2cup
  • Toasted pistachio-1/2cup
  • Toasted peanuts-1/4cup
  • Olive butter/olive oil-1tbsp+for greasing
  • Toasted and ground flaxseed-2tbsp
  • Roughly crushed crunchy nut corn flakes-1/2-3/4cup
  • Cinnamon powder-1/4tsp
  • Cardamom powder-1/4tsp
  • Corn starch-2tbsp (dissolved in 1/4cup of water)


  • Grease and line the dish/ tray to spread the mixture.
  • Pour honey, corn starch- water mixture, dates molasses, olive butter into a medium saucepan and bring it to boil on a medium flame until it just comes to boil , make sure not to overcook.
  • Remove from the heat and quickly stir in nuts, crushed corn flakes cinnamon and cardamom powder.
  • Spread the mixture evenly onto the greased and lined sheet and cool completely before slicing.
  • Cut into squares/ bars with knife.

Store in airtight container.


  • Quantity of nuts and proportions can be varied as per taste and preference.
  • Corn syrup can be used alternatively to corn starch-water mixture.

I am brining this recipe to Angie’s FF#31


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  1. These sound delicious. Is date molasses different from regular molasses? I love foods that have been sweetened with dates.


  2. Love this versatile recipe!


  3. Looks delicious! These would be great for my daughter’s lunch and I can make them on the weekend. Thanks!


  4. yummy ! was just about to make something similar!


  5. Granola with cornflakes wow nice thought Chitra:-)


  6. What a perfect snack!


  7. These sound great Chitra!


  8. Awesome Chitra 🙂


  9. That is just perfect Chitra! I needed this kind of recipe for today haha one of my friends asked me about nice morning biscuits, low in calories but healthy so I’m sharing this recipe 😀 thank you so much. Perfect timing! Have a nice week 🙂


  10. These crunch honey bars look super delicious, Chitra 🙂


  11. Nothing like home made granola bars….


  12. Perfect for breakfast


  13. looks so yumm! 🙂


  14. looks great for those sweet cravings – gonna try it.


  15. These look great. We eat quite a few granola bars and are always looking for new recipes!


  16. Great recipe as I love granola – interesting about the molasses 🙂


  17. I really should try making my own granola, instead of buying all the time! Your version sounds so tempting. Thanks, Chitra! 🙂


  18. These look easy enough to do, and good enough to try and share with family. Thanks.


  19. Looks like a great and easy ‘no bake’ recipe, Chitra! Will try it sometime soon!


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