Baby corn, Mushroom and Rosemary Soup

Mushroom babycorn soup2


This soup was exactly what I needed when I was feeling down. It reminded me of home, of chilly winters.

Anyway, let’s talk soup. If you ask me, eating soup while being down is just as important as cold meds and plenty of sleep, It has magical healing powers, I’m sure of it.we are mixing it up with lots of rosemary, mushrooms and baby corn . Hearty, filling, and totally comforting.

Made with low-fat evaporated milk, low-fat milk can also be used but evaporated milk added a bit more creamy texture. however you could use milk or just not add any extra dairy at all. your favourite vegetables and a touch of rosemary, this is nutritious, invigorating and comforting.

Health benefits:

Rosemary was traditionally used to help alleviate muscle pain, improve memory, boost the immune and circulatory system, and promote hair growth.

Preparation time-10 minutes
Cooking time-30-40 minutes


  • Sliced Mushrooms- 300gms
  • Diced Shallots-1medium
  • Halved/sliced babycorns-6-8
  • Chopped carrots-2medium
  • Wheat flour-2-3tbsp
  • Vegetable broth/water-3cups
  • Light evaporated milk (4% fat)-1/2cup
  • Sprigs of fresh rosemary-2
  • Springs of Parsley – A handful (Optional)
  • Ground cinnamon, clove-a generous pinch
  • Ground white pepper, salt-to taste
  • Minced garlic-2cloves
  • Olive oil-1tbsp


  • In a large pot, add olive oil, onions, garlic over medium heat until translucent.
  • Add carrots, mushrooms, baby corn with salt, pepper and let it cook for 8-10minutes.
  • Now add broth/water and flour mix well and let it simmer for 8-10minutes
  • Then add rosemary sprigs, ground cinnamon, clove and continue to cook on a low flame for 5-8minutes stirring occasionally.
  • Once soup has thickened, slowly stir in evaporated milk and season with salt and pepper to taste.


  • Ground black pepper can be used alternatively to white pepper.
  • I used 4%fat evaporated milk alternatively dairy free or any low-fat milk can be used.
  • Tofu/celery or any other vegetables can be included as a variation.

I am bringing this recipe to Angie’s Fiesta Friday#44


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  1. I agree. Soup is a comfort food that instantly takes me to a simpler and more relaxed time. Bob


  2. How funny is this, we both made the same thing only one small difference I didn’t have the baby corn. Love your recipe, don’t mushrooms and rosemary taste great together. A beautiful, hearty delicious soup!


  3. I love this recipe and will definitely be pinning it. I love rosemary, and very glad that it can help with my poor memory. I don’t need the hair growth though. πŸ™‚ Thanks Chitra!

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  4. Reblogged this on MrMilitantNegroβ„’.


  5. Wow!! This is what I need right now. What a comforting soup, Chitra.

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  6. Ahh the healing powers of soup. Looks delicious!

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  7. Reblogged this on sliceofheaveninsweden and commented:
    This soup sounds and looks sooo appetizing. It is perfect for the weather we have been having lately.


  8. The soup looks restaurant quality. and so simple to make too.

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  9. Delicious presentation. πŸ™‚


  10. Love the addition of rosemary


  11. Very healthy πŸ™‚

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  12. Looks wonderful Chitra for a cold day, too warm the tummy!! πŸ™‚


  13. Happy Fiesta Friday, Chitra! What a delicious looking soup…one that I know I would absolutely love. I have a weakness for mushrooms, and mushroom soup? Well, it’s one of my favorites! I didn’t know about the health benefits of rosemary…that’s so interesting. Thank you so much for sharing such a lovely soup with all of us this weekend… Awesome post! ❀

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