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Veggie noodles in tomato walnut sauce -Indo-chinese



Here’s an easy recipe vegetable noodles in tomato walnut sauce. This is a indo-chinese dish where vegetables and noodles are cooked in tomato-walnut sauce, soy sauce, vinegar. Red chillies are added for the spice however if you are not a spice lover can just skip red chillies or can be personalised as per the taste.

This noodle is similar to hakka noodles adding tomato-walnut sauce would make the variation to this recipe.

Makes-2 servings
Cooking time-15 minutes
Preparation time-15 minutes

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2 in 1 : Schezwan Noodles and Rice combo

Noodles Rice 2


This is a fusion indo-chinese recipe.I have used both rice and noodles  sauted with vegetables and homemade schezwan sauce..

This serves great for lunch/dinner.

Preparation time-30 minutes
Cooking time-15 minutes

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