Mango-chocolate fudge

Choclate mango fudge new



A fudge is a rich candy made with sugar, milk, butter and flavoring. In this recipe I have made two layers by giving a touch of indo-western as the mango layer is made from mango pulp and it’s the most common seasonal fruit in india and chocolate is from western confectionery. I haven’t used any butter and sugar here instead used low fat condensed milk which makes the treat rich.

Flavorful mango fudge layer is coated with bittersweet chocolate layer; topped with melted chocolate. It is simple and delicious recipe.

Yields: 15-18pieces
Preparation time: 10mins
Cooking time: 30mins


For mango layer:

  • Fresh mango pulp-1cup
  • Low fat Milk powder-1-11/2cup (depending on the thickness of pulp)
  • Vanilla essence-1tsp
  • Low fat condensed milk-150ml

For chocolate layer:

  • Dark chocolate (70% cocoa) -100gms
  • Low fat condensed milk- 150ml
  • Vanilla essence-1tsp


For mango layer:

  • Line 8×8 inch pan with parchment paper and set aside.
  • In a bowl combine condensed milk and mango pulp, and the pour it to a non-stick wok/pan.
  • Place over a medium heat and cook, stirring continuously, until reduced to half.
  • At this stage add vanilla essence, milk powder 1 cup milk powder little at a time stirring continuously ensure no lumps are formed.
  • Taste the mixture at this stage and if you feel more sweet is required add brown sugar/ sweetener and continue to cook on a  low flame.
  • if the mixture starts leaving the sides of the pan then its almost done.
  • If its still liquid  then add some more milk powder and mix well until the smooth dough consistency is formed .
  • Turn off the heat and transfer it to the lined pan and spread evenly and set aside.

Chocolate layer:

  • In  a pan over low flame combine condensed milk, chocolate and heat until chocolates are melted and smooth.
  • spread this mixture on top of mango mixture and smooth evenly.
  • Refrigerate until set about 2-3 hours.
  • Once set decorate it with melted chocolate/nuts and cut into small squares.


  • I added just condensed milk for sweetness but if you love more sweet in your fudge go ahead and add sugar/ any sweetener.
  • You can also just make either of the one layers
  • In chocolate layer if you don’t like the bitterness use milk chocolate.
  • Quantity of milk powder can be reduced/ increased depending on the pulp and the duration of cooking (If you add less milk powder it takes longtime to get thicker).
  • Chocolate layer can be melted in microwave as well;  Just combine chocolate pieces and condensed milk and heat until chocolate is completely melted (approx. 1-2 mins)

I am posting this recipe to Fiesta Friday #23.


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  1. That looks delicious! Mango + chocolate sounds like a divine combination. 🙂


  2. I love chocolate. I love mango. This looks so yummy. I wonder if it’s possible to veganize it.


  3. I can’t go near this at all-But looks awesome


  4. I want I want I wanttttttttttttt

    my favourite MAgoe 🙂 I am coming over Mam…..


  5. Mango and chocolate sound divine mixed together, I have to try! Thanks a lot for this cute and original recipe, it will be very appreciated at FF!


  6. Yummmm, anything with mango and condensed milk has got to be good. Yours looks amazing!


  7. Oh, you just combined two flavors I really love: mango and chocolate! What a unique recipe! Love it! Thanks so much for bringing this to the Fiesta and happy to discover your blog! Hope you had fun at the party! Sylvia


  8. This is just awesome Chitra 🙂


  9. yum yum yummm! They look irresistible &ooh so appetizing too! 🙂


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