Raw Cucumber seeds yogurt soup

Raw cucumber Soup


This recipe is from my friend Nilima Rao, who is upcoming singer. Thank you dear for such a lovely and refreshing recipe just modified it to make a soup recipe using regular cucumber.

This is perfect for summer with a cool, refreshing and soothing soup with combination of yogurt, mint and ginger.

Health benefits:

Cucumber seeds are slightly diuretic, which helps promote urine flow and stimulates the kidneys to flush wastes and fatty deposits from the body. Diuretics can act to dehydrate the body, but cucumbers’ high moisture content makes this of no concern.

Cucumber seeds are also used holistically to treat tapeworm infestations and are reputed to have a regenerative effect on the skin.

So enjoy this soothing soup with bread

Yields: 2-3 servings
Preparation time: 15 minutes


  • Cucumber seeds-from one cucumber
  • Natural yogurt-2cups/500ml
  • Green chillies-2-3 (Can reduce to make it less spicy)
  • Pepper corns-5
  • Mint leaves-a handful
  • Coriander leaves-a handful
  • Ginger-1/2inch
  • Desiccated coconut-1/4cup
  • Salt- as per taste
  • Olive oil-2tbsp+for drizzling


  • For seeding-rinse cucumber, use a knife to remove round caps at the ends, slice the cucumber in half lengthwise, hold the cucumber half in one hand and a teaspoon in the other, use a spoon to carefully scrape out the seeds and collect in a bowl.
  • Combine cucumber seeds, coconut, mint leaves, green chillies, pepper corns, ginger, and fresh coriander blend until smooth then add yogurt, peanut oil and pulse for few seconds until blended well.
  • Transfer this to bowl, drizzle some peanut oil and serve.


  • Can alternatively use olive oil/any oil in place of peanut oil
  • Can include cucumber pulp as well

As a vote of thanks to the lovely upcoming singer here is a link to her Sochana hain kya video.


You can follow her band thru their Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/raknnili


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  1. Interesting soup.. never tried with cucumber seeds though


  2. I am always blown away by the versatility of yogurt, so many applications 🙂


  3. Awesome recipe. Loved your friends video 🙂 Liked her voice as well!!! Has she sung Kannada songs as well?


  4. Delicious soup, love cucumber and yogurt!


  5. I have a lust for this, must try it out 🙂


  6. I adore your innovation dear:-)


  7. Wow. I must try it out as soon as possible as it looks so awesome and it seems so easy to do. 🙂


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