Tofu Raspberry Chocolate mousse – Vegan /Parfait

Tofu Mousse final


How you like your dessert…Mousse OR Parfait…Enjoy either way.

This easy parfait recipe comes together in minutes and is great for when you need a decadent dessert at late notice! Serve it in mason jars and your guests will be able to see the beautiful layers in all their glory…

The beauty of this recipe is that the brownie and the raspberry can be prepared ahead of time (like during the day when kids are in school or napping).
Yields-4 servings
Preparation time-10 minutes
Cooking time-5 minutes


  • Bittersweet baking chocolate- 100gms
  • Extra firm silken tofu-200gms
  • Fresh raspberry-1cup
  • Agave nectar/ any sweetener of choice-1/4cup
  • Vanilla extract-1tsp

For layering Or Serving suggestion:

  • Vegan brownie chunks (For recipe of Oats and wheat Brownie click here)
  • Fresh raspberry
  • Roughly chopped nuts


To make mousse:

  • Melt chocolate using your favourite method- I prefer using double broiler, so it take few minutes.
  • Combine melted chocolate, tofu, raspberries, agave nectar, vanilla extract, in a food processor and process until completely smooth and well combined.

Enjoy as it is

OR To Make a Parfait:

  • Take a serving glass spoon 2-3 tablespoon of mousse into each glass.
  • Top each layer of mousse with fresh raspberries and nuts.
  • Follow the raspberries and nuts with brownie chunks.
  • Then repeat the layer as per the glass size and finally finish the layer with raspberries, brownie chunks, nuts.



  • Layers can be made as per the taste.
  • Strawberry can also be used alternatively to raspberry.

I am bringing this recipe to Angie’s FF#46


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  1. So easy to make. Looks delicious too!

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  3. Parfait, please! Looks delicious, Chitra. 🙂

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  4. love this! I’ve made my share of tofu mousses and puddings as part of my work for a soyfoods client. Yours looks so tasty.

    I am bad about following my reader, so I just signed on to get email notifications for your posts. This should let me keep up with you better. Appreciate you stopping over at food for fun very much 🙂

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    • Thank you Liz for your visit, appreciating comment and subscribing me… thatz really sweet of you and most of the time it happens with me as well, so no worries… these encouragements and support means a lot…. good day


  5. A fantastic tasty dessert creation,….I chose the parfait! MMMMM! 😀

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  6. Wonder if I could make this for my chocoholic husband?


  7. Great recipe! I may try to make it this weekend. 🙂 Thank you, Chitra!


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  9. Awesome blog great find on the average south african!

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  10. What a beautiful guilt-free recipe. I love raspberry and chocolate together.

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  11. I love all of your healthy desserts Chitra and how you put it all together. Raspberry is a favorite flavor and I bet these taste real good. Thanks for bringing this to Fiesta Friday #46 🙂

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