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Ridge gourd lentil dal

Ridgegourd sambar2


This dish is warming, comforting, and nutritious, and I could probably eat it every day. This version is simple and easy (which is common in Indian cooking and adds a tremendous amount of flavor and depth to the dish) here I flavoured the dal just with garlic. Strangely enough, once you add the lentils to the pot, the key is not stirring them until the end; if you leave the lentils alone they’ll develop a wonderful creaminess as they becomes tender and begin to break down.

Health Benefits:

Replacing one or more meals per week with vegetarian options such as beans and lentils can improve your health. Beans and lentils offer protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber with no added fat or cholesterol. Beans and lentils also count toward your daily vegetable servings to support good health.

Serves: 4-5
Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 50 minutes to 1hour

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Babycorn Squash/pumpkin Korma – Zero-oil

Babycorn Squash2


A creamy Indian korma that combines ground whole spices with succulent squash/pumpkin and baby corn cooked in coconut milk.

Korma (a mild and creamy Indian curry) is high on our list of ultimate comfort foods. And this korma, without doubt, is the best we’ve ever tasted. Surprisingly, it was also the quickest and easiest korma we’ve ever made.

Health benefits of Pumpkin/Squash:

Squash is one of the most versatile and delicious vegetables available throughout the world, and it also packs a serious punch in terms of healthy and medicinal benefits. Different varieties of squash have the ability to improve the quality of your sight, boost skin health, strengthen the immune system, prevent cancer, manage symptoms of diabetes, build strong bones, protect heart health, reduce symptoms of insomnia, prevent inflammatory conditions, treat arthritis,

The aromatics that waft from this recipe will drive the family crazy with succulent Pumpkin and baby corn.

Yields-3-4 servings
Preparation time-15 minutes
Cooking time-20 minutes

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