Methi Multigrain Roti

Methi Roti3

Multigrain includes several types of grains. In this recipe I used Oats, Millet flour, Jowar flour and wheat flour. This is a healthy alternative to regular wheat chapati.

Serves: 6 – 8
Preparation time: 15 – 20 minutes
Resting time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 15-20 minutes

• Chopped Fenugreek (methi) leaves-2cup
• Wheat flour-1/2cup
• Jowar (Sorghum) flour-1/4cup
• Bajra (Millet)flour-1/4cup
• Powdered oats-1/4cup
• Finely chopped Green Chilli -2
• Ginger garlic paste-1tsp
• Carom seeds-1tsp
• Salt-as per taste
• Hot water-1- 1.5 cup

• Heat oil in a pan and saute chopped methi leaves until the water content reduces
• In a bowl combine all flours, Carom seeds, Salt, Green Chilli, Ginger garlic paste and the fried methi. Mix until it form a soft dough adding little by little water .Set aside for 15-20 minutes covered
• Divide the dough into equal parts and round up to the lemon sized balls
• Roll them to 5-6 inch diameter circle- add some dry flour while rolling the dough
• Heat the tawa. Placed the rolled Rotis on the hot tawa and cook for a minute or so. Flip over and continue to cook on the other side until golden brown softs appears. (You can also brush some oil if desired)
• Remove from the pan and serve hot with Raita

Flaxseed Raita:

Flaxseed raita1

Pistachio and Mint Raita

Pista Raita final

Radish/Mooli Raita:

Mooli raita

• Adding warm water to the dough makes chapathis soft
• You can add butter while roasting chapthis instead of oil
• You can make same using only wheat flour instead of multigrain flour


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  1. Never heard of this, but it looks good!

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    Multi grains Roti combined with goodness of Methi


  3. I love using multi grains. So much more flavor! This dish looks so delicious.


  4. Mr. Militant Negro

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  5. Hi..I just love all your recipes…love the fact that they are healthy and easy to prepare…made the chickpea pavbhaji today and absolutely loved it..pls keep posting


    • Sital – I am so blessed to hear such compliments and encouragement for the work. This comes when I am due to celebrate my first blogiversary tommorow (18th Apr)….Look forward to your continued support


  6. I’ve been looking for a chapati recipe – this one looks perfect. Thank you!


  7. You got me with the ginger garlic paste, I’ll be a fan for life, but would you mind if i just call them multi-grain tortillas. Living in Mexico we do make a multi-grain tortilla but I have never added the ginger-garlic paste and I am a very big fan of both. The Fenugreek takes them to a whole different level….I must try these as soon as I can get all the ingredients together.


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