Quinoa red kidney beans Patties

Burger final3


I combined my beans with powdered oats and quinoa for the basic patty mixture. Added in sautéed bell peppers, carrots and onions for a veggie boost, and then served with salads and buns as a burger.

Health Benefits:

Red beans are packed with protein and fiber along with several essential vitamins and minerals. They’re also loaded with antioxidants, which help prevent chronic diseases.

Quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) is a grain-like crop with many unique qualities and health benefits such as a very high protein content (about twice that of regular cereal grains), which makes it a great source of protein for vegetarians. It is also a good source of dietary fiber and several vitamins and minerals.  And it’s gluten-free which makes it a nice option for people who are gluten-intolerant.

Yields – 6 to 8
Preparation time- 20 minutes (including the cooking time of quinoa)
Cooking time- 8-10 minutes per patty/per batch


  • Quinoa-1/2cup (rinsed and drained)
  • Water-1cup
  • Powdered oats-1/4cup
  • Flax meal – 1tbsp
  • Chopped onion-1mediumn
  • Chopped bell peppers-1medium
  • Grated carrot-1/2cup
  • Cooked Red kidney beans-1cup ( if using canned drain and rinse thoroughly)
  • Chilli powder/paprika-1tsp
  • Salt, ground black pepper-to taste
  • Lemon juice-1tbsp or to taste
  • Olive oil- 2tsp + for greasing

To serve:

  • Leafy green
  • Sliced Red onion
  • Sliced tomato
  • Spread
  • Burger buns


To cook quinoa:

  • Mix flax meal with 3-4 tablespoon of water and set aside.
  • In a medium pot, bring water to boil, add quinoa, cover reduce heat and simmer for 15-18 minutes or until the quinoa is cooked.
  • While quinoa is cooking, heat oil In the other pan/skillet add onion, garlic paste, bell peppers and saute for 2-3 minutes (continue to cook some more if you like your veggies to be soft)
  • Stir in salt, chilli powder/paprika, carrot, take off from the heat and allow it to cool a bit.
  • Now mash your beans, I mashed ¾ of beans leaving a quarter of the batch whole.
  • Once quinoa is ready, add the quinoa to the beans along with sauted onion, bell pepper, carrots, crushed black pepper, mashed beans and lemon juice mix well.
  • Add in powdered oats, flax meal mixture and mix well.
  • Now divide the mixture to equal portions of 6-8 (depending on how big you like your patty)
  • Take each section and pack tightly shape to a ball and flatten with your palms.
  • Heat a large skillet, grease with oil over medium heat cook patties ( 2-3 at a time depending on the size of your patty) and cook for about 4-5minutes each side or till they are golden brown in color.

Burger final2

For serving:

  • Warm the burger buns/rolls.
  • Slater with your choice of spread or cheese layer the patties and the onions, lettuce and tomatoes as per your preference.
  • Serve with ketchup, chips or any dips of choice.

You can use either of the spreads for Burger:

Rosemary Pistachio spread:

Pista Rosemary dip1

Tomato chilli spread:

Chilli sauce


  • Vegetables can be personalised by including corn, zucchini or any vegetables of choice.
  • Make sure the cooked bean is drained completely before adding to the patty mixture.

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My passion for Cooking & love to explore healthy recipes. This blog is a result from it and am here to share 'Recipes for Healthy living'...Its all about 'FOOD and HEALTH'

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  2. I have a red kidney bean patties recipe with wheat flour and bread crumbs. Your version with love your version with quinoa and flax seed de


  3. Looks fab Chitra!! Nice combo too 🙂


  4. Looks super good Chitra.. I am sure it tastes even better..


  5. Yum love veggie burgers, had one for dinner tonight only I didn’t make it myself. Love the red beans in the burger.


  6. MyKabulKitchen

    I miss your blog Chitra! Just catching up on your recipes, this looks like a great idea! Looking for more ways to use quinoa 🙂


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