Watermelon rind/peel and Yellow moong Dosa/crepes

Melon Dosa6


Traditionally dosa is a thin, spicy crispy-like food made form fermented rice and urad dal and there are many variantions. Here this dosa batter is the combination of yellow moong dal and brown rice where the moong dal is rich in protein, fiber and low in fat.Β  Yellow moong dal is green mung beans that have been hulled and split so it is easier to digest than other legumes.

Combination of brown rice, yellow moong makes the dish nutritious, rich in fiber.

Yields: 10-12
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Fermenting time: 6-8 hrs
Cooking time: 2-3 minutes per crepes/dosa


  • Yellow Moong dal-1cup
  • Roughly chopped watermelon rind /peel-1cup
  • Brown rice-1/2cup
  • Channa dal/split chickpeas-2tbsp
  • Fenugreek/methi seeds-1tbsp (Optional)
  • Salt-as per taste
  • Oil-for roasting dosas


  • Wash and soak the yellow moong dal, brown rice, split peas and fenugreek seeds for at least 4-5 hours. Drain
  • Combine all this in the grinder jar/food processor along with watermelon rind and blend it to the smooth paste using little water.
  • Let it sit for 20-30 minutes.
  • Then add salt and adjust the consistency by adding water if required and mix well.
  • Heat and grease a griddle/tawa pour a ladleful of batter on tawa and spread it using back of the ladle in circular motion, to make thin crepes.

Melon Dosa1

  • Drizzle little oil on both sides and cook.

Melon Dosa2

  • When lower side is golden brown, fold and transfer it to the serving plate.
  • Repeat with remaining batter to make more dosas.

Melon Dosa4

Serve hot with chutney of choice:

Curry leaves and Almond Chutney:

Almond Curryleaves2

Roasted Split chickpeas Chutney:

Split Chickpeas Chutney

Roasted Peanut Chutney:

Peanut chutney

Chana Dal/Split Peas Chutney:

Split peas Chutney1


  • You can replace brown rice with white/ parboiled rice.
  • Can store this batter in the fridge up to week
  • Chana dal is added for the crispiness

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My passion for Cooking & love to explore healthy recipes. This blog is a result from it and am here to share 'Recipes for Healthy living'...Its all about 'FOOD and HEALTH'

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  1. Looks a much healthier option to the traditional dosa.

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  2. Mr. Militant Negro

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  3. This looks awesome Chitra! I have had so many failed attempts with dosa, I’m scared to try:(


  4. Loved your version alot dear. Super delicious

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  5. Wow thats an awesome idea Chitra πŸ™‚

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  6. Curious.. did you taste watermelon at all in the dosa?


    • Uma – Since it was a ring/peel there was no taste as such of Melon. However using them to Dosa bring its health benefits and consume less water for grinding. Moreover there was a full use of a fruit without wasting or throwing it to bin. Dosas were crispier too πŸ™‚


  7. Super Idea Chitra..Just one question..Is watermelon rind gassy?? What is your experience? I have heard people mentioning that in various blogs and that is the only reason which is making me stay away from trying it.

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  8. Watermelon rind… 😱😱wowwww

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  9. This is absolutely fascinating! I never knew there was a use for the watermelon rind. Wow…thanks!

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  10. Wow using watermelon rind for dosa! That is v unique, wanna try this out!

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  11. What a fascinating food item, Chitra! Your posts are truly educational for me. Hugs! πŸ˜€

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