Methi seeds and roasted channa dal/Daria – Chutney/Dip

Methi seeds Curry leaves Chutney2


Methi Chutney is packed with flavors, sourness from tamarind, sweetness from dates; some bitterness from fenugreek, mixed with spices

Health Benefits:

Roasted chana dal, as the name suggests, is obtained by roasting chana dal. It gives chickpeas a wonderfully rich and nutty taste. Roasted chana dal is tiny, tough and creamy white with a crispy texture, and mild aroma and taste

Yields-1 cup
Preparation time-5 minutes
Cooking time-5 minutes


  • Roasted channa dal/daria-1/2cup
  • Methi seeds/fenugreek seeds-2tbsp
  • Dried chillies-3
  • Tamarind- a small lemon size (soaked in 1/2cup of warm water for 30minutes)
  • Curry leaves-2sprigs
  • Dates-6-8 (pitted)
  • Salt- to taste

For tempering:

  • Oil-2tsp
  • Mustard seeds-1tsp
  • Curry leaves-1sprigs


  • Dry roast fenugreek /methi seeds, red chillies, curry leaves on a medium low flame for 3-4 minutes/until fragrant. Allow it to cool a bit.
  • Now throw roasted mixture, daria/channa dal, dates, soaked tamarind along with water , salt and ground to smooth (add extra water if required)
  • Scoop the chutney to the bowl .

Prepare a tempering:

  • Heat oil in a small saucepan- add mustard seeds, curry leaves as it crackles turn off the flame.
  • Pour the tempering over the chutney/dip mix well

Methi seeds Curry leaves Chutney1

Serve with:

Multilentil dosa


Brown rice dosa


Set dosa

Brown dosa final

Millet and Wheat flour Roti

Ragi roti3


  • If you are donโ€™t like the bitterness can reduce the methi seeds to 1-2tsp
  • Frying methi seeds, reduces the bitterness.
  • Dates and tamarind adds sweet and tangy taste to the dip so it can be personalised as per the taste.
  • Can substitute dates with jaggery/brown sugar

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  2. I do like the bitterness

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  3. Love methi ! This chutney sounds really good ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. I always learn something here, Chitra. This sounds unlike anything I’ve ever sampled. Big hug!

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